FIBC 20th Anniversary 2010

First Indonesian Baptist Church’s held its first service on January 7,
1990 with 14 people sitting in the pews of College Park Baptist Church.
As FIBC Houston celebrated its 20th anniversary on January 24th, 2009,
church seats were filled with long time members and new members with
their families and friends. Not just that, our beloved brothers and
sisters of Philippine Trinity Baptist Church Houston’s choir took part
by presenting a beautiful worship. Thanks and glory only be to God for
the growth of FIBC Houston and the unity FIBC Houston has within
brothers and sisters of Christ in Houston.

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Mother’s Day 2008

We pour our appreciation to our mothers in this special day. Children sunday school read and speaks their appreciation and love to their mothers and as little ceremony we give flowers to mothers. We also have a game for mothers to
guess their child by blindfold them and let them touch children palm.
As usual that the dads prepare all the foods. [slickr-flickr type=”gallery” name=”mothersday2008″ tag=”mothersday”]

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