First Indonesian Baptist Church’s held its first service on January 7,
1990 with 14 people sitting in the pews of College Park Baptist Church.
As FIBC Houston celebrated its 20th anniversary on January 24th, 2009,
church seats were filled with long time members and new members with
their families and friends. Not just that, our beloved brothers and
sisters of Philippine Trinity Baptist Church Houston’s choir took part
by presenting a beautiful worship. Thanks and glory only be to God for
the growth of FIBC Houston and the unity FIBC Houston has within
brothers and sisters of Christ in Houston.

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Sermon by Pastor
Robin Gosal from Matthew 16:13-20 reminded us of God’s calling and how
God leads FIBC Houston for fulfilling His divine purpose.

School students responded the sermon by presenting a medley of "I want
to throw up" and "Happy Birthday" songs (guitar by Richard Saudale),
followed with birthday wishes to FIBC Houston: One child wish was to
help his mom cleaning up the church kitchen, another wished to be able
to donate more, and others wished all the wonderful things to happen in
FIBC Houston. The purity of children’s heart in serving God with
whatever they have are reflected in their amazing spontaneous wishes,
on things that are sometimes overlooked by adults’ eyes. If these kids
can do this much for God’s kingdom, can you imagine what other greater
things we can do in sharing Christ’s good news to the world?

Dean responded to the sermon by reading the FIBC Houston History; the
reading gave FIBC Houston members the challenge to continue the estafet
of what has been started before us.

No church has gone no
trials, no trials are not for God’s glory, and no one has overcome
tribulations if not only by God’s grace. FIBC Houston is no different,
and nothing could tell our stories better than testimonies of those who
have been touched by God’s grace through FIBC Houston.

Cellgroup, which consisted of college students and young couples, sang
"Unchangeable" (of Chris Tomlin) and read the scripture from Psalm
. They testified on how God use this small group to serve the
youth and young adults in Houston, as people come and go in Houston,
this group continues to experience God’s leadership and faithfulness in
serving the Houston community, overlooking any differences.

their beautiful God’s given voice, Ellya Saudale and Monicca Warjanto
sang "El Shaddai" as a testimony of God’s greatness and faithfulness in
FIBC Houston.

Pamela Boediarto testified God’s goodness in her
life by giving FIBC Houston as her new home and new family since she
first arrived in Houston in early 2009 and ’till this day, followed
with singing "God’s Been Good in My Life" song (of Legacy Five, guitar
by Kathleen Kwie) that described her walk with Christ through all the

All the warmth that had been filling everyone’s heart
in the room, as we were listening to the mentioned testimonies, were
highlighted with a simple testimony by Mrs. Siok. Mrs. Siok reminiscing
God’s caring and attentiveness through FIBC Houston during her family’s
hard times; hurricane, illness and death of a family member. Mrs. Siok
testified that through turbulation in her life and her family, and with
the support of FIBC Houston, she sees only one thing–God’s glory. Mrs.
Siok asked the whole congregation to sing along with her as she sang
the song "To God be the Glory."

Pastor Gosal closed the
service with a closing prayer with hands of congregation held one
another. May God continue strengthened FIBC Houston in our walk of
faith with Christ.

The service were followed by a fellowship; food and drinks were yummy. Thank you to all who have prepared them =).

you to everyone for their ministry. May these testimony of God’s
goodness in our lives as a church be a blessing to you all and
strengthened your faith in Christ.

Everyone is welcome to share testimony of God’s goodness on this discussion board.
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