In 1986, a few Indonesian families held bible studies and fellowship time every week at each other’s houses. As they were meeting every week, they felt a growing need for a pastor that would serve the Indonesian people in Houston.

In the meantime, Union Baptist Association, Baptist General Convention of Texas, and College Park Baptist church realized the need for a church for the Indonesian population in Houston. Dr. Vincente Kho, a representative from these three organizations contacted Pastor Daniel Marantica from Oklahoma to inform him of the need for a pastor to lead and start this endeavor. In 1988, the three organizations asked Pastor Marantica to visit Houston to help him decide if God has lead him to this city in Texas.

In November 1989, Pastor Marantica decided to come and meet and get to know the Indonesian Christians in Houston. First Indonesian Baptist Church’s first service occurred on January 7, 1990 at 4:00 PM with 14 people sitting in the pews of College Park Baptist Church (7887 Beechnut, Houston, TX 77074). Along with Sunday church service, prayer meeting was held every Sunday at 7:30 PM and Sunday school for children at 3:00 PM on Sundays.

On January 24, 1995, Pastor Marantica left to be with the Lord. He had a goal, which he named SUM 2004 – Siap Untuk Membangun 2004. He had a vision for FIBC to have its own building by the year 2004, and he desired to spread the gospel to all Indonesians in Houston.

In March of 1995, FIBC invited Dr. Augustine Kim to become the temporary pastor for this church. The following month, Dr. Kim accepted the invitation and preached at FIBC until God sent an Indonesian-speaking pastor to reach out to Indonesians in Houston.

On January 1996, FIBC invited Pastor Harry Sudarma from Oregon to come to Houston to hold a family seminar and also took this opportunity to get to know the FIBC congregation. March of 1996, Pastor Sudarma and his family came to Houston to establish friendship with the families of this church. On July of 1996 FIBC had an Installation Service for Pastor Sudarma for his new position as the pastor of First Indonesian Baptist Church. Under the leadership of Pastor Sudarma, FIBC keeps growing and move from its first mother church (College Park Baptist Church) to a new location at the Vietnamese Baptist Church at: 1907 South Dairy Ashford, Houston, TX 77077. Even through the tough times after the 9/11, FIBC witnessed God’s grace and providence despite the increasing restrictions for Indonesians studying or working in the United States,. The building program was restarted with a goal of purchasing a church building/land within the next 5 years. Pastor Sudarma continued to lead the church until February 2004 when God showed him another ministry to carry.

6 months later, Pastor Robin Gosal, his wife and young daughter came from Iowa to Houston to carry the torch of leading FIBC in fulfilling its missions until now. We believe that Jesus Christ Himself, our Lord and Head of the Church will bless Pastor Gosal in his ministry of serving the Indonesian community in Houston through FIBC.