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Title Lyric
RajawaliAku ingin selalu
Rayakan YesusRayakan Yesus, rayakan
Refiner's FirePurify my heart
Refiner's FirePurify my heart
Reign in UsYou thought of us before the world began to breathe
Reng rain ai zhe Ye ShuWo yao yong yong yuan yuan ai zhe Ye Shu 2X
Reng ran ai zhe Ye Shu (Tetap Cinta Yesus)Wo yao yong yong yuan yuan ai zhe Ye Shu
RescueYou are the source of life
Revelation SongWorthy is the,
Revival in the LandThere's gonna be a revival in the land
Rock of AgesThere is no rock
Rock of Ages (Batu Karang yg Teguh)Rock of Ages, cleft for me,
Rock of My Salvation You are the rock of my salvation.
Roh Allah Yang HidupRoh Allah yang hidup penuhiku
Roh Kudus DatanglahRoh kudus datanglah
RunYou were God from the outset